Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boston begins with "B"

Along with hundreds of other families from across the country we are on the first of the 'Great College Tours". 
As the title suggests we are visiting five of   the 60+ colleges in the Boston metro area. All but one begin with the letter "B". 

The view out our window is of Copley Square, just past the end of the marathon. The building with the red tile roof is the Boston Public Library or the BPL. You can see the white tent top of the race organizers. I think it's the medical tent. We walk past it all each day we visit a college in the city to get to the "T" stop. 

On Tuesday, the anniversary of last years race, the city was combination remembrance and mourning. It was heart breaking to see the little girl who lost her young brother placing one of the wreathed at the sight of the bombing. . Watching her standing there wiping her years away and then walking away on her own prosthetic leg was so sad. 

We also could hear, very clearly, the explosion as the bomb squad detonated the back pack that had been left near the finish line. 

Having lived on, worked on and being married to a college professor and dean for the past 36 years you'd think we wouldn't need to do this, that we would know all there is about the process, au contrar!

Out first school was Brandeis. This is the castle on campus. It is currently a dorm. They had a great presentation, infoative tour but I came away thinking the fit wasn't right for Alexa. It ranks at 3 out of the 4 we've seen so far. 

Weather was a bit of a downer on Tursday as we visited Boston University. We took the T and struggled with wicked wind and rain. 

We took the tour then had to wait over two hours for our Dean's tour at the School of Management. We are at one if the school cafeterias, Mariano, and it was really good. 

We had some communication issues, "Normsn, answer your phone!"  We eventually ended up at the Dean's tour and we even met the Dean and s spare!  

The building was gorgeous. This is a sculpture in the lobby. Here are a fewire photos of the building. 

We were very impressed. Right now BUid either 1 or 2 on the list. That's it got our first two days  more tomorrow or Saturday , my feet hurt!

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon or is it Alec Baldwin??

I love Kevin Bacon. I love his wife, Kyra Sedgewick, I love his new show 'The Following' - viewer discretion is highly advised for that one and not for the squeamish! I even love the that I can play the the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, based on the premise that everyone can connect to Kevin
Bacon within six associated people or less! Now see if you can follow this:

Kevin Bacon was in A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise. Tommy Boy was in Rock of Ages with Alec  Baldwin, Alec Baldwin grew up in Massapequa, NY and his mother banked at the then Marine Midland/HSBC bank on Sunrise Highway where MY Mother worked. My mom knew Mrs. Baldwin as a customer and I think once opened an account for one of her other boys!

So I can connect to Kevin Bacon in 4 moves thanks to my Mom!

For me the key is Alec Baldwin or rather his mother and mine! I can connect with anyone in Hollywood through my mother and Alec Baldwin's mother! I wonder when the Hollywood invites will begin to pour in. Too bad I'm too late with my post for awards season.

Now if only I liked Alec Baldwin as much as I like Kevin Bacon. Hey Kevin, can I meet your mom?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Planning on Letting Go...

My mother-in-law complains to me all the time that I'm not sentimental. Just because I don't 'reminisce' and regale every conversation, every day, about going to China, seeing Alexa for the first time, her first diaper change, her first word, memories of her doing EVERYTHING! Apparently I'm not sentimental and am basically a cold fish with no sense of humor because of this. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, we are preparing to start the great college search for Alexa.

Now, I will admit to being the consummate worrier. Also, Alexa is a very smart cookie so the decision and process for her is a little more complicated than mine was. My mother didn't think my grades would get me into a four-year school and she was high on the junior college bandwagon - Nassau Community College. I went to my guidance counselor and told him I wanted to go far enough away that I couldn't and wouldn't want to come home every weekend, but close enough I could drive home with someone else for major holidays and school breaks. The guidance counselor basically looked inside a 5 hour drive radius and he came up with Keene St. College in New Hampshire, the only school I applied to besides NCC. THANK GOD, I got into Keene! You see, the important thing for me was to 1. get off Long Island 2. Go where no one knew me 3. Go where I could get in (in that order)! I went to Keene sight unseen except for a few pictures taken in a snowstorm from the only other person I ended up knowing before going to New Hampshire, a childhood friend who I saw only occasionally.  It all worked for me. I got a good education, discovered I was not teacher material (especially to little kids) and most important, met the love of my life.

Alexa is a completely different story. She is smart, very smart - she is driven, has a great work ethic, has no problem making friends and is beautiful (everything I wasn't). However, Alexa is singularly driven. Her focus is completely on finishing high school as successfully as she can to prepare for college. As for college itself, she's kinda clueless. I mean that in a good way, she wants to go to college, she just doesn't know where or what she wants to study. Not an uncommon thing for a 17 year old. So far, she's going on what friends are doing and since all her friends are as smart or smarter than her, it's not a bad thing. Alexa is a child of college campuses. She has lived on a college campus or has been on college campuses her whole life. She is friendly with college presidents. She is comfortable around college students. All of these things would make it easier to plan for college, you'd think…

We are looking at Boston University, and a few 'reach' schools. Also, we're focused on New England. Lex really has no preferences, but - she wants to go on college tours. Do you see my dilemma? How can we go on tours when she doesn't know what she want to see or do for that matter.  Ask her and she'll say, "Business--? maybe Finance? Management? Science, no I'm not smart enough…"

It is hard to give her guidance because both Norm and I are such small school advocates and that is the environment we are used to. Trying to not impose my own prejudices on her and yet guide her to what will work best for her is really hard. Looking at my daughter as a grown-up and subjugating my preferences is such a part of letting go and sending your child into the world. It's scary, not the going, but guiding her in the direction that is best - for her. If that doesn't make me sentimental and caring for my child then maybe my MIL is right, but I don't think so. My child she may have been, but she's an independent free thinking individual now and I need to be a mother to who she is now, not who she was then.

Now, letting her drive, that's a whole other story, she's way to young, a baby...

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Moose and Muffin Effect...

I discovered one of my favorite children's books when I was working at Keuka College. The Learning Center on campus that assists students in helping them succeed in college via a variety of strategies and tutoring asked staff members if they would help some freshman students who were having a hard time prioritizing not only their school work load but life away from home. As an introduction to the program, we read If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff

It's a delightful story that helped us to understand how students can get distracted, off course, loose sight of goals and objectives and generally get side tracked by their new college lives.  Lately, especially yesterday, I was the moose!

I had a project I needed to finish for work so I gathered my supplies, sat down at the kitchen table and started to work. First thing, break open the file folders I bought that was part of the project and cut them according to the directions. LEGAL file folders, not LETTER file folders - like the ones I bought. OK, quick trip to Office Depot, I could be there and back in 10 minutes.  I'm literally going out the door, keys in hand and my daughter says, "Mom, I need a stamp! This application has to be mailed so they get it tomorrow!" Who, doesn't know that the P.O. isn't open on Sunday? my daughter, that's who. We hope that if we get it there early enough to be processed first thing that it will be delivered the same day, Monday.

She borrows a stamp from her grandmother who asks me to get her stamps as I'm going to the post office…I sit down on the couch as Alexa is writing out the envelope and I hear, "Mom! I need a check to go with the application!" Like the good slave I am to my child, I write out a check. I sit down and hear, "Mom! you need to sign the application!" I sign the application.

20 minutes later I finally leave the house. I drive to the post office and check the mail slots and find one that picks up at 6:00 AM, drop the letter and head home. (After first buying 3 books of stamps from the automated machine, one for me, one for the grandmother and one for Alexa).

Almost an hour later I arrive home, and yes, I remembered the LEGAL file folders! Just call me Bullwinkle...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mama Buddha...

We all have those longings to go back to weight we were when we were younger. Each year as I visit my doctor for my yearly physical I get the usual warnings about losing weight. Over the years I've gained AND lost significant amounts of weight, but currently I'm on a gain swing. 

I'm a contradiction when it comes to food, because I don't 'Love' food. It's a necessity of life. I love watching cooking shows and cooking competition shows. I strongly dislike cooking. I don't drool over pictures of food. My downfall is dessert. I love cookies, cakes and most importantly CHOCOLATE! Chocolate is my 'drug' of choice. I'm picky though, a purist really. Don't make me fancy decorated cakes and cookies, a basic Toll House cookie is nothing short of nirvana to me. 

I love a variety of fast food also. An Arby's Mid-Classic with cheese is a current favorite. Firehouse's Engineer (sans mustard and pickle) is my current all-around favorite. Bagels, have I mentioned bagels? A sesame bagel with butter, I could eat one every day. Robin at Bagel Jays (the best bagels in the Buffalo area) knows it's me as soon as I give my order at the drive-up window. Did I mention sandwiches? I love sandwiches. Turkey with Swiss, a little lettuce, tomato and mayo is my favorite.  

I also love a variety of foods that my family will have nothing to do with, like mushrooms. I love mushrooms, sautéed, stuffed, fried, in cream soup, yum! I also like olives, plain old cocktail olives and recently black olives, split pea soup, escargot, gazpacho, and more.

I don't get these favorites often so I'm not overdoing on them. My doctor did, however, put the fear of Weight Watchers in me this time around. I'm getting a little out of control. The cakes , cookies, sweets, and carbs are starting to catch up to me. I'm also not the best at exercising. Rather,  I'm in running (ha, ha) for the biggest couch potato award. So, in response, I and we, as a family, have decided to join the local Y. Yes, I'm going to start exercising (you can stop laughing now). They even have exercise bikes I can sit down at and watch TV (my kinda exercise!) I'll check in in a few months and let you know how I'm doing, provided I survive!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Man and his Dog...

One nice thing among the many nice things about my husband is that he doesn't read my blog unless I ask him to. I get out if the shower this morning and this is what I find, Norm and Abby sleeping in, butt to butt! Alexa insisted Abby wear her sweater for a Christmas picture - pink argyle, what else!

Not to waste Alexa's efforts

Our girls!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Throwback Memories...

I opened Facebook the other day and found this...

Yikes! Yes that's me with my friend Steven Anderson at our senior prom. Most of the comments from Steven's friends were about how my dress matched the curtains in the background and how they think their parents had the same curtains!  Steven lives in Florida today and is a very successful salon owner,  fashion stylist and makeup consultant for HSN. 

As you can see I'm as tall as Steven, maybe a little taller. I love being tall, don't get me wrong. but those were the days of big hair, curls and fancy updos for proms. I was very self-conscious about my height and I spent the day at the beauty parlor in town getting my straight hair to curl under the watchful eyes of Steven's little sisters without adding any poofiness up top. I also wore flat shoes, no heels for this girl! The dress? There were very few dress stores at that time where you could find "formal" dresses. We ended up at a bridal salon in Roosevelt Field and this was the only dress that was long enough. Believe me, orange is not my favorite color. 

It was an interesting night fraught with teen drama and angst. Our friend Arthur wanted to go to the prom with another friend of ours, Vivian. Vivian was, shall we say, reluctant. It took several months of cajoling, note writing, impassioned phone calls and whatever to get all parties on board. Steve's uncle had a town car and was going to be our "chauffeured" limousine ride to the prom. He was late, very late. Steven was pulling his hair out (he did and still does, have very nice hair), Arthur was having a nervous breakdown and Vivian and I, convinced we were never going to make it to the prom sat down in Mrs. Anderson's living room and watched the Met's game.  It was the closest to Flushing Meadows we were going to get, we thought.

Steve's uncle finally showed up, girlfriend in tow and we were off. Now I have to say I have very few memories of the prom itself, but I do remember Steven's uncle and girlfriend coming in a few hours later and crashing the prom…We did breakfast after the prom at a friends house, slept at the beach the next morning and by evening both Steven and I were looking for new "dates". Steven, I still love ya! Thanks for the memories.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Got Snow?

We do. I enjoy living in Buffalo albeit the suburbs of Amherst. It snows, big deal! To me it's one of the best things about living here. I don't like driving in it though. The past two years we've bitten the snow bullet. I even got a rebate back from our plowing service so we've been a little spoiled. This week we had our first major snow. Not a blizzard but enough to make it interesting. 

Tonight we attended an open house at Norman's boss's house. I don't do well at these types of parties. I'm not a party person. I have a hard time making small talk and I can't remember names and faces to save my life.  I think name tags should be mandatory at all social functions ( and if they could come with a warning note to tell me if I've met the person before and where or if they are well known and important to my husband or Medaille that would be very good too). 

The drive into the city wasn't too bad and the snow made everything so pretty and sparkly. The drive home was not as nice but doable. I'm a bad, bad backseat driver. I want to break earlier, slow down, you name it, so I've decided to just close my eyes. And chant to myself, "Norm is a good driver, Norm is a good driver, Norm is a good driver, over and over". It works quite well...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Apple Withdrawal...

I started a blog post on the BSS blog last week whinning about technology. Now, don't get me wrong, I love technology. I can't wait until we create transporter technology like in 'Star Trek' and better yet, the Auto Chef from the J.D. Robb 'in Death' series. Scramble my atoms and scramble my eggs for breakfast - works fo me!

What I'm whinning about is how ridiculously reliant we've, OK, I, have become on technology. We all get a little glimpse of what it is like when our power goes out during a storm and we go to watch TV, oops can't do that, OK, I'll read a book, oops can't do that in the dark. I'll make a cup of tea; can't do that on an electric stove. OK, I'll surf the web, I've got wireless! Nope, computer battery is dead and I can't charge it. You all get the idea.

No, I'm whinning about the 24 hours I barely survived when one of our store's customers accidently picked up my iPhone thinking it was hers. I get this bizarre call from my MIL wondering why I would leave my pocketbook out so that someone could take it home with them by mistake. Yes I know, I said phone, but as my 83(in 3 days) old MIL likes to remind us all, "I'm getting old!" A very nice customer, shopping along with two other ladies and a new baby they were watching after took my phone by misake. When she discovered she had the wrong phone, she called the house, my MIL who got the message confused and I thought the customer would be bringing the phone back to the store first thing on Saturday. Long story short, after nashing my teeth, losing my temper (in private, at myself), growling at everyone, I got the story straight, and my phone back.

What's all the fuss you say? Who did I have to call that was so important that I couldn't have used anothe phone? NOBODY! I needed my calendar to prove to my MIL that she didn't have a dentist appt. this week. I needed to check my contacts for the number for the plumber that we might need if the rain didn't stop.  I needed my text feature to contact my daughter after her tennis match, my e-mail to ontact my husband in Chicago (because he doesn't know how to use his text feature, or just plain forgets to check it). I needed my Google Maps to find my way home and I'm still playing Million Second Quiz hoping Ryan Seacrest will call.

I've also come to realize I am no longer the tech guru in the house.  My daughter has vastly surpassed me and I don't like it! I am not handing over my pocket protector gracefully. Alexa upgraded my phone to the iOS7 operating system. I barely, according to Alexa, knew how to use my phone before the update.  Now I've got a whole new technology to learn and I'm not sure which will be obsolete quicker me or the update!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Begins Again...

...or as I've been known to call it, "the most wonderful time if the year!" My daughter is beginning her junior year in high school and she has carved out a very challenging academic program. She also made the school's tennis team!

If she makes it through this year with the same grades she is used to, I'm not worried about her ability to handle a college curriculum. However, as we all know, the first day is not about the books and classes, it's about the fashion!

Abby is looking on and not thrilled that not only is Dad leaving for the day, but sister is too! We also know fashion includes the new Vera collection in a backpack this year, vs. the tote she's used in the past with matching accessories. 

Happy school year to all us students and moms alike!